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"Is divorce or legal separation the best option for me?" "What will happen to my kids?" "Is there a way to negotiate child custody outside of court?" These are likely a few of the many questions on your mind as you're considering a divorce. A divorce attorney in Salt Lake City & surrounding UT areas has the answers you're looking for.

Attorney Ashworth of The Law Office Of Justin T. Ashworth is licensed to practice divorce law in the Utah today. As your divorce attorney, he'll file the necessary paperwork so you can separate from your spouse. He'll also help you negotiate child custody or alimony.

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Justin Ashworth represents Salt Lake City, UT area residents in all kinds of divorce law matters, including:

  • Uncontested or no-fault divorce
  • Contested divorce
  • Child Support
  • Child custody
  • Alimony

When you choose The Law Office Of Justin T. Ashworth, you'll work with a dedicated divorce lawyer throughout your case. Family law attorney Ashworth will do whatever he can to work toward a fair solution. Schedule your free consultation by calling 801-810-9750 today.