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Matthew N.
Salt Lake City, UT

Preliminary Hearing:
I don't know about the previous reviewers experience but mine was really good actually he is straightforward we got the financial contract agreed upon at the meeting. He advised what he can and can't do and he showed up to court. He represented me fairly in front of the judge. I think he's very intelligent in law and did his research. . I need use him again hopefully the next review will be just as good.

Excellent representation again in front of a Judge. Sorry the DCFS case the other reviewer posted didn't turn out the way they hoped. But when you throw insults into a review, it damages your credibility.
Justin cannot make the rules only interpret them and use them in a specific case. I do not embellish and had the outcome been different the review would still be truthful"

Utah law does allow for an annulment, but it is very challenging and very rarely granted. They are complex cases and the rules are very precise on what is allowed for annulment.

I had a complex issue that I strongly believed constituted an annulment vs a divorce. Justin Ashworth conferred with me directly on multiple occasions and advised at the onset of the case that this would be a challenge and that there is no guarantee the Judge would grant an annulment and possibley make me choke down a divorce. I was worried as the Judge advised on preliminary hearing that he had never granted an annulment and wondered why a divorce would not apply., Justin Ashworth did his research in case law, conferred with me in person to obtaini exhibits and listen to my story. He developed a game plan on how to proceed throughout the process. Practiced with me and put together the case.

Justin Ashworth was able to eloquently answer that question the Judge had asked why an annulment and not divorce. I was granted my annulment. This was indeed a challenging case and I am very pleased will the patience, professionalism and all the work that Justin Ashworth provided. I hope I never have to use him again but if I had another family law issue, I definitely would not hesitate to retain him again.
Thank you Justin.

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