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Juvenile Law

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Your child's been accused of a crime. It's a nightmare, but a juvenile defense attorney can help you through it. During the last few decades, scientist have discovered so much about brain development in minors. We now know that teenagers' brains function differently from the average adult brain, particularly during decision-making.

Yet, in spite of our knowledge about the adolescent brain, many youths are tried as adults. The Law Office Of Justin T. Ashworth will fight to keep your child's case in juvenile court, where it belongs.

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See How a Juvenile Law Attorney Can Help Your Child

Issues concerning children's welfare typically go through juvenile court. A juvenile law attorney in Murray, & the surrounding Salt Lake City, UT areas can handle cases of:

  • Delinquency: Crimes committed by minors are often tried in juvenile court.

  • Abuse and neglect: Child abuse cases require great skill and experience.

  • Guardianship: When parents can't care for their children, the courts appoint a guardian.

A juvenile law attorney can give your child the best chance for a positive outcome. Call (801) 683-5058 today to speak with an attorney.