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Child Support Law

Reach an Equitable Child Support Agreement

Meet with Our Knowledgeable Child Support Attorney in The Salt Lake City and Murray, UT Area

Let us guide you through the steps of determining appropriate child support in Murray, & the surrounding Salt Lake City, UT areas.

Our experienced family law attorney will guide and assist you in providing for your child's health and welfare. In many cases, child support arrangements include a discussion of medical insurance coverage, out-of-pocket medical expenses, extracurricular activities, and other needs.

When divorcing, separating or in the event of a change in your situation, consult The Law Office Of Justin T. Ashworth to see how we can negotiate or make an application to the Court to establish or modify child support in Murray, & the surrounding Salt Lake City, UT areas.

In need of legal advice?

Make Sure Your Child Has the Support They Need

If you're looking for compassionate, competent legal representation, retain The Law Office Of Justin T. Ashworth, to handle your child support case. Our Child Support attorney can help you and your spouse:

  • Negotiate a child support agreement

  • Settle a child support dispute

  • Obtain a child support modification